Ditto365 provides a range of individually designed SharePoint & Intranet solutions that help businesses transition their day-to-day activity into the Cloud.

We are passionate about enabling businesses, large or small,  to operate at their optimum using all the tools available to them, and to provide value in all that we do.

Our Reason for Being:

Ditto365 is a SharePoint consultancy business that has been born of a desire to deliver client specific solutions that answer the current and future needs of businesses across Australia. We choose to work with a strong network of specialist IT partners and teams to deliver integrated business solutions.

Our services are delivered via SharePoint Online and, as a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, make the most of the strength of the Microsoft Office 365 platform and all of its features.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with everyone we deal with, and enjoy being an integral part of their Cloud journey, allowing for business growth and development through the provision of robust solutions that meet their operational and technical needs.

The breadth of skills in our team enables our partners and clients to receive solutions that look at a client’s business from all angles, whether that is through our business consultants, project facilitators or technical team, thereby avoiding the disruption so often experienced with implementation of new systems.

We believe that the core of our business is the fact that our services and solutions are not “out of the box” – we recognise that no business  – even if in the same industry – has the same needs, challenges or future trajectory.

Why Ditto?

Simply – because SharePoint is nothing new “it has already been stated”.

What we bring to the equation is provision of a complete and rounded solution for businesses that may not have the resources, time or expertise to implement what Microsoft has made ubiquitous.

Our SharePoint Solutions:

The Ditto365 solutions have their start point in the robust document management capabilities of SharePoint and are individually designed to meet the needs of any size or type of business. As no two businesses are the same, we work with partners and clients to identify what solution best suits their needs (How we make the magic happen).

Key features of the process are:

  • Analysis of the current system and information architecture
  • Identification of the operating functionality desired
  • Involvement with all stakeholders to ensure maximum user adoption of the solution.
  • Configuration and training of the solution and its’ features

Our Intranet Solutions:

The Intranet solutions offered by Ditto365 are deployed using a prescribed framework, clear processes and standardised templates to ensure cost and delivery expectations are met. Delivered via SharePoint Online or On-Premise as part of Microsoft Office 365, the development of these solutions is focused on reducing operational risk and total cost to the client.

These solutions support collaboration with the client’s creative design team, using known guidelines to bring your brand identity to life in a rapid, cost-effective, low risk method that deploys a complete communications and collaboration intranet solution for the client’s business.

Depending on the client’s wants, the end result can be a complete intranet, or a starting point upon which more sophistication can be built. As with our other solutions, these Intranet developments are based on the same 4 stage process that we adopt for all work we carry out.

For further information and a demonstration of how these solutions can help your team work more closely together, please contact us.

Additional services:

Ditto365 also offers:

  • Advice & Guidance consulting
  • Project administration
  • Data “cleanse” and migration services
  • Client workshops
  • Assessment of compliance and governance requirements associated with the solution

How we engage & make the magic happen:

Ditto365 provides its services through our engagement with partners to their clients, or with groups with intenal IT expertise, delivering personalised business solutions built on the functionality of SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Discover: consultation with the client to discuss and identify their needs
  • Design: configuration and testing of the solution
  • Deliver: review and confirmation of the functionality of the solution
  • Deploy: training & handover to the client with ongoing support.

In order to deliver our personalised and effective solutions we follow a 4 stage process:


1. Discover

  • Evaluate & analyse current systems
  • Identify desired project outcomes & carry out value analysis
  • Prepare project management plan & proposal
  • Review & approval of PMP
  • Identify project management team
  • Prepare change management plan

2. Design

  • Schematic design
  • Configuration
  • Technical & functional testing
  • Commissioning
  • Review by stakeholders
  • Inclusion of additional features/functionality identified

3. Deliver

  • Commencement workshop with stakeholders
  • Rollout of integration & implementation plan
  • Review & adjust
  • Staff training & Handover workshops
  • Complete project management

4. Deploy

  • Ongoing support & training
  • Ongoing monitoring & review of the system
  • Online Learning Centre
  • Post-deployment audit

Why collaborate with Ditto365?

  • To make SharePoint expertise available to your clients or business.
  • To eke out all the features of existing Office 365 subscriptions.
  • To remain up to date in the exploding cloud ecosystem.
  • To gain access to SharePoint expertise that spans experience from SMB through to Enterprise requirements.
  • In the case of our partners, to provide complete Customer Life-Cycle service.

What engaging with Ditto365 brings to you:

  • Strong business consultancy and process experience
  • A team with demonstrated SharePoint expertise providing solutions that meet the needs of the modern business.
  • Solutions that support businesses wanting to enhance interaction, processes and productivity.
  • Solutions focused on the needs of the end-user and making the transition to a Cloud-based environment seamless.
  • Solutions that can organically grow with a businesses needs.
  • Access to enhanced utilisation of the Office 365 platform with integrated SharePoint functionality.

Contact us for a no obligation demonstration of how Ditto365 solutions can enrich your Office 365 experience.

T:   +61 432 408 186

E:   [email protected]